Free 10 track anime RMX album

2013-03-20 16:28:01 by Daydream-Anatomy

Download link here:

Includes previously unreleased tracks.
Let me know what you think plz :3

Free 10 track anime RMX album


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2013-03-21 04:32:56

Skimmed through, and I didn't really like the first track, almost like house, but I'm glad to hear there's a lot of variation in the rest. My favorite parts are probably towards the end, tracks with either ambiance or an almost VG-style style to them. The very last one reminds me of SMB somehow. Just downloaded so I I'll let it play and see how is. Great cover btw. :)

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Thanks for the review:3 and the download^^


2013-03-21 18:28:30

ima upload ur stuff unda different name...

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

I wouldn't recommend it.

Thanks for listening to it, assuming you would/do.