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First off thanks for using my song, the animation's decent, not my ideal pairing though.

Adding money shots to each loop would make it a lot better in my opinion, still, good job. Keep practicing, you'll get up to mitsie and tiarawhy level with a little more practice.


MoMoIrO-kun responds:

No problem :D
Your song seemed the best out of a bunch I picked for this animation to choose from.

Also, I'm glad you liked the flash. Certainly more practice (and, of course, animation) will be done in the near future.

EDIT: Near future my ass, it took me a year to get another flash on here... Oh well, at least it will only get better from now on

Pretty well made, my favorite part is the gun stand off, when jon says I can't either, but you can hear him pulling the triggerXD ha, no bullets. Nice, it must've been a pain finding and cutting all that audio, one of the better grump animations in my opinion, especially since I believe you said it only took 4 days in the youtube description. Or maybe that was another movie?

Oh well, nice movie...trailer:3


Thank you so much for reviewing my album.
I really liked it. Glad my video-game and anime influence/style really shows.
Also the audio was in sync this time.

YouriX responds:

Haha! Glad you liked it! Just used some basic flash settings ;)

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It's well made, adn I like the little things like the lighting when you hit switches and stuff.

I figured the ultimate conclusion to the game would be there's a gun in the safe in the parents bedroom, and you figure out the combination, but I couldn't stay interested long enough to see if that would happen.

Still nice little sprite thing.

Nice, I played till I got every video, actually unless you're totally against it, I'm putting up a walkthrough, I'd taken the time already to record and edit a lot.

My one gripe is the medals appear in the page as if I'd gotten them, but my medal score didn't change, adn I can't find the game at all on my userpage with the othere games I've collected medals on.

I'm not too worried about it, but maybe it's not me, because I might not have noticed if I don't check my medals and new my medal score's the same.

Nice game.

pepperpunk responds:

Sure, I'm happy to see walkthroughs, I'll even link to it in the description when it's done if you pm me the link. :)
I'm not sure what's going on with the medals, but it's quite a new game, so maybe there's a wait before they appear on userpages?

Got all the medals except 'lucky' and 'get a life', pretty smooth animation, great time killer.

Also 5th on the leader board as of this review.

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Interesting drums, dblueglitch? It sounds like it's tape stop, it's an easy way to apply all these effects. I like slamming the random settings into stuff sometimes and seeing what comes out. If I'm wrong sorry.
The guitar reminds me of hotline miami background music when you're in-between levels.

Breakcore11 responds:

Hey. There was no effects used called "dblueglitch". I use a effect called "Gross beat" but i would like to see the effect. I like glitch plugins. and keep in mind. I'm still experimenting so it might sound bad. Thanks for your review.

Try putting a touch more reverb on the piano. At worst take it off if you don't like, it, but it's worth a try.

Killer arps around 2 min in if you did them by hand kudos.

A lot of parts are missing low end entirely, that can be an intention effect, but you got lost of room to play there.

It's nice sounding honestly, a bit empty feeling in parts.


I like the vocal cuts all over in the beginning, those are a time consuming process for me. Everything seems to blend toget very well so far. Awesome dance track very full song, dynamic pianso, strong kick and sidechaining is tight. Love the break around 2:30, but bring th eclaps out just a little more.

Outro's solid with the piano.
nice work


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Looks like a legit cover, right down to the UPC/Barcode.

Love the "Improve your childhood" line. I never understood why rule 34 anything would ruin anyones childhood, when I was a kid I imaged every hot animated girl on TV naked and/or in a sexual situation, I guess I was just weird.

Damn shad you work fast, hopefully this'll get a lot of exposure just because I think you're probably one of the first to have anythign sexual with that character, I haven't played through the game yet but I've seen her a few times whatching my brother play.

Keep up the awesome work.

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