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Interesting drums, dblueglitch? It sounds like it's tape stop, it's an easy way to apply all these effects. I like slamming the random settings into stuff sometimes and seeing what comes out. If I'm wrong sorry.
The guitar reminds me of hotline miami background music when you're in-between levels.

Breakcore11 responds:

Hey. There was no effects used called "dblueglitch". I use a effect called "Gross beat" but i would like to see the effect. I like glitch plugins. and keep in mind. I'm still experimenting so it might sound bad. Thanks for your review.

Try putting a touch more reverb on the piano. At worst take it off if you don't like, it, but it's worth a try.

Killer arps around 2 min in if you did them by hand kudos.

A lot of parts are missing low end entirely, that can be an intention effect, but you got lost of room to play there.

It's nice sounding honestly, a bit empty feeling in parts.


I like the vocal cuts all over in the beginning, those are a time consuming process for me. Everything seems to blend toget very well so far. Awesome dance track very full song, dynamic pianso, strong kick and sidechaining is tight. Love the break around 2:30, but bring th eclaps out just a little more.

Outro's solid with the piano.
nice work


I love cats, nice seeing you use music as a way to emote, there's much unheathier ways.

It's was a nice track, I can't find any real faults with it.

DreyLand responds:

Hi, thanks a lot!

Love the sound and melody of the introsynth. Kick feels panned to the right? unless you're doing special effects most people steer clear of panning production.

Mix got a little muddy in part, EQ might help this, but nice videogame melodies, nice track overall, be it a bit short.

xracecar responds:

The filesize runs on an old Amiga 500/1200 and it only allows the instruments to be panned left/right. Yeah, I have some crappy headphones so mixing this was kind of a pain in the butt. The track was only short to avoid major repetition.

Damn that intro's melody is hot. Maybe has some fade in, everything seems to just be coming, or some swells created using the synths that are just about to come n.

Nice change up about a minute in. Nice snare rolls towards the end. Loops alright, could be a little smoother but it's find, most people find a loop point themself if they really want one, that's why it's usually to post bpm when you upload loops. I should really follow that advice myself.


W-in-K responds:

Thanks! The BPM is 145 (and I added it to the desc.)

First synth, that covers a lot of it, 10 in ownard. lower the effects on the drums at the song goes along.

Either sharpen your vocals to sit in the song better, taking off fx, and at least moving them else where, it sounds like muffled nothing. Sometimes you ahve to eq or sidchange a track to accomidate vocals.

Couse this is how a lot of lofi stuff so if you're satified with overpower vocals that are incohereent,

If you set on going for this super lofi effect, play with it gradually getting worse and being more clean in places, haven't it all rough is just grating. If you're drawing influence from silent here, you're on the write track, but it's not quite there.

Luck for you on bandcamp you can fix songs anytime you want and just replace them.

I'd say try listening to it without the vocals, or takign some elements out so it doesn't sound to busy.

That's just my opinion and my main gripe. If this track is how you want it, just ignore me, I thought it was already, it reminded me of 00' horror survivor stuff, so that's pretty cool you almost nailed that vibe. Nice strong drums. A better mix on the guitar would be nic, there' sjust so much noise bleeding nto other stuff. You have the outlines of something that could be really great.

I've never been a fan of this type of lofi, so excuse my bias please.


CarvelsCake responds:

this is interesting opinion,thank you !

Yea, yea, I could naruto run to this

Hikari responds:

This is what I Naruto run to exclusively.

Pretty sick, my friend and I are working on a hotline inspired track.

This would be good bg music, but stand alone it's a little a tad boring, but you nailed the sound.

Demonicity responds:

PM me!
we can discuss it there'

also thank you for your feedback mate :3

DJ-N out of nowhere, I thought you were gone from NG for good.

Track is fire btw.

I'm stratkat, I make noise.

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