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First off thanks for using my song, the animation's decent, not my ideal pairing though.

Adding money shots to each loop would make it a lot better in my opinion, still, good job. Keep practicing, you'll get up to mitsie and tiarawhy level with a little more practice.


MoMoIrO-kun responds:

No problem :D
Your song seemed the best out of a bunch I picked for this animation to choose from.

Also, I'm glad you liked the flash. Certainly more practice (and, of course, animation) will be done in the near future.

EDIT: Near future my ass, it took me a year to get another flash on here... Oh well, at least it will only get better from now on

Pretty well made, my favorite part is the gun stand off, when jon says I can't either, but you can hear him pulling the triggerXD ha, no bullets. Nice, it must've been a pain finding and cutting all that audio, one of the better grump animations in my opinion, especially since I believe you said it only took 4 days in the youtube description. Or maybe that was another movie?

Oh well, nice movie...trailer:3


Thank you so much for reviewing my album.
I really liked it. Glad my video-game and anime influence/style really shows.
Also the audio was in sync this time.

YouriX responds:

Haha! Glad you liked it! Just used some basic flash settings ;)


It seems a lil unsmooth at times, and I think the video got out of sync with the audio while I was watching it, the audio cut out quite a bit before the vid ended, but that's not really an issue if it did.
I just listened to the first track off your ep you linked at the end, pretty awesome dude:]
Congrats on snagging daily 8th on this hope you continue the series and it does well.

YouriX responds:

Yeah my recording equiptment is not top notch. And i have to figure out why my flash sometimes goes out of sync. Sometimes it works perfect and other times not. :(
Anyways thanks for the review!

Great use of sound

This wouldn't be half as disturbing on mute.
I noticed no one's ever spoken to salad fingers in the series, except one little girl, and he didn't handle it very well. At least if I remember correctly. I was ready for something odd to happen when he spoke to the yellow character. Every word of english comes from him. Also he gets pissy and frustrated with everything, his finger puppets, radio, etc. He's definitely an interesting character. Just thought I'd ramble on about observations.

This episode made me feel physically ill at some points.=)

lol neat

It's my 20th b-day too.

nice card.

ThePigeonMaster responds:

Happy be-lated Bday.
Thanks <3

sound issue

It sounded like you used noise removal, try letting up on it a little cuz it makes that weird alienish sound if you set it to be too strong. And there were a lot of annoying clicks.

Better then the first two parts

Was the whale (nawhol or w/e) a reference to that homestar character homesar, the retarded midget version, cuz it looked and kinda sounded like 'im.

haha, neat

Pretty cool, and creative, but really morbid at the same timex]

it's really good.

It could almost be a prequel to step 2 though. I really enjoy this series:]

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