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It's well made, adn I like the little things like the lighting when you hit switches and stuff.

I figured the ultimate conclusion to the game would be there's a gun in the safe in the parents bedroom, and you figure out the combination, but I couldn't stay interested long enough to see if that would happen.

Still nice little sprite thing.

Nice, I played till I got every video, actually unless you're totally against it, I'm putting up a walkthrough, I'd taken the time already to record and edit a lot.

My one gripe is the medals appear in the page as if I'd gotten them, but my medal score didn't change, adn I can't find the game at all on my userpage with the othere games I've collected medals on.

I'm not too worried about it, but maybe it's not me, because I might not have noticed if I don't check my medals and new my medal score's the same.

Nice game.

pepperpunk responds:

Sure, I'm happy to see walkthroughs, I'll even link to it in the description when it's done if you pm me the link. :)
I'm not sure what's going on with the medals, but it's quite a new game, so maybe there's a wait before they appear on userpages?

Got all the medals except 'lucky' and 'get a life', pretty smooth animation, great time killer.

Also 5th on the leader board as of this review.

Not bad, it did take a lot of practice measuring the speed and the height of the javelin to time it right.

I got 1.2 million, I couldn't get past the pile of junk at like 350 meters.

JeffersonTD responds:

Thanks and well done on the result of over 1200 meters! :)

It does indeed take some practice. And of course trying to repeat a good throw is part of the challenge. It might work as a competition against a friend. ;)

It took me 4 runs to find the secret passage to end the game, I spent 5 minutes clicking the a/b/dpad, thinking that's what it meant by outside the box.XD
And the controls are tight.

I wish more games were like this on NG, tower to heaven is my favorite game on NG in this type of retro style.

Pretty awesome, found huge exploit that makes this game ridiculously easy though.
I mean I don't even have to play, in the time it took me to do this screen shot my scores gone up 200XD
http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w1 98/bloodismyink/exploit.png
Stand under there and click of the screen in the right way holding shoot, you can get to Infinite without playing. Or my key stuck:/
Boss was pretty tough though.

Really fun, but some pretty easy things to exploit, first boss just hold just and bash S after he hangs off the ceiling. 2nd boss just hide in the bottom right corner and it's impossible for him to hit you even if he comes directly at you. Third boss dodge first two attacks hold A and bash S on top of him.

Unless the secret medal is not taking damage, it's not really worth taking the time to save yourself one or two hits.

The controls were really nice, fast, smooth animation, it felt fun from teh get go.

Man this is challenging:3

I'm at contra right now, plan on completing it later.
I like how you can have 2 players.

One glitch I had is the first boss, we both went over the conveyer belt pit at the same time, I got hte fooled ya medal, but we both respawned, adn I couldn't move, and he killed me.
Not a big deal though since it's just the first level. The balloon level was the hardest so far.

It's really challenging, and really fun, reminds me why smaller games can be better.

Pretty cool

Really like hte back and forth style, it really reminds me of donkey kong country, which I like a lot.

Thanks for using my music:]

Got 1333 with logitechs cheapest mouse

10th highest score of all time:p

adjust your pointer sesitivity, I get 1000+ everytime.

The game itself it meh.

Manly-Chicken responds:

You cheater >:(

I'm stratkat, I make noise.

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