The Open Art and Game Bundle

2013-06-29 16:55:17 by Daydream-Anatomy

So I've released a ton of music and like 10 midi files to the "open Game art bundle" that Nutcasenightmare put together as well as contributed to. Along with other cool artists and musicans like:
and NutcaseNightmare

Essentially after the bundle hits its goal, the assets are available to the public. I think its an awesome way to get some assets for artists. Check out the sites intro video

then go to the site

its a good way to help the artists as well as a great way to donate to Creative Commonsand the EFF


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2013-06-29 16:55:53

Also mindchamber already wrote this for me, I just copy/pasted:3


2013-06-29 17:32:12

can you help me

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Bro, I don't even have a dollar in my paypal to buy the bundle myself at them momentXD
So I haven't even looked at everything in, but it's a bunch of talented people.