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Daydream-Anatomy's News

Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - March 28th, 2017


A midi pack with nearly FIFTY files made for people to remix music I've made, ranging from 2010 to songs I wrote less than a month ago march 2017.   If you use any of these midis credit me, and refer to the read me included in the .zip.   Maybe they can help you start a track, or inspire you, I hope someone finds use in them.

It was fun digging through old stuff, found a lot of things that might be useful in the future.



Wall paper was a fan art drawn by noia

Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - January 21st, 2017

Stemodity and I collabed on our submission, we titled it "Sprite Strife":


We worked hard on it, even sampling the cartridge blow/insert.

If you like it we also collabed on this track too:

Happy Pixel Day!!!

Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - November 22nd, 2016

Looks pretty bleak, the physical album to raise money sold  four copies, but all paid above asking price, I got a good start but its grounded to a halt.  I can still work in stemoditys studio about once a week.


Ihave a few hail marys to get the rest, hopin to get my bed room studio up again by january.  all bandcamp sales will help.  wish me  luck andthanks everyone who donated and bought music to give me this headstart.


plz excuse my grammer typing on a vita tv sucks

Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - November 3rd, 2016

My pc is destroyed, so I'm selling a physical copy of Clockwork Calamity because it's the only thing I thought might work, I tried crowfunding once, it failed hard.  The physical copy comes with 3 etra songs.

My pc is dead, like sparking smelling burnt, I took what I could salvage, but it wasn’t much.  Please reblog, I have no other income then freelance music, and I can’t creat more music without a pc x.x  Base price is 12 bucks but shippings a little harsh I’ll be honest, but to produce the cd it takes 7.50 to get it to the buyer, so if you can pay more please.  And if you can’t even a few dollars towards one of my pay what you want albums would be rally nice. 
Here’s the link to buy it:



Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - July 14th, 2016


copy pasted to save time:

"What is this?"
An album. Titled "No Fun Allowed", it is a two year effort that the members of the 4chan /mlp/ board, more specifically, the /MLP/ Plays thread, have miraculously completed. What once started with humble beginnings has now blossomed into a full-blown 51 song album of music and minor spaghetti. There are covers, individual contributions, and even collabs, with genres that span from folk to jazz to heavy metal to EDM. We can say with 82% certainty that the quality is probably a step up from the /mlp/ sings videos and/or the Daring Do books.

"Where can I get it?"
Download it from our Bandcamp below. All proceeds go to the Autism Society of America (http://www.autism-society.org).


Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - April 4th, 2016

Buy/stream it here:


Might be one of my best covers (thanks to aspid6,) support, reviews, critiques, etc. are all welcome. First full original album (excluding one remix that's free) since 2012. pretty close to 4 years. Hope I topped cloud kicker, people are pretty split between them.


Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - March 24th, 2016

Recurring Daydreams vol 2 is out, first week is 1 dollar or more with all proceeds going to charity, after that it'll be free forever.  It's all remixes of tracks I composed, some of the remixes are done by artists you may recognize from newgrounds:

My newest album Clockwork Calamity, is up for sale for only 5 dollars, 52 minutes of music, 14 tracks counting the intro and bonus tracks.  I've sunk money into it's release, so if you could preorder, and if you can pay extra, I'd greatly appreciate it:


If you don't care to buy either I'd love to hear opinions.


Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - February 4th, 2016


I'm 9 tracks deep, workign on a 10th and an intro. The album will be finished before too long, I'm just gonna sit on the tracks and polish them some and hype the release.   5 dollars gets your a preorder of the album, free digital copy upon release.  You can check the perk ni the link for it.

I need 25 dollars to afford a cover on part with my previous covers,  I'd love 100 to commission a great artwork. 

If I get 145 I'll release it on itunes, amazon, google play, spotify, etc.

If I get 200 USD, i'll make a limited run of physical copies, if there's a high enough demand I'll make more with the money made off the first printing.


Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - January 24th, 2016

Go read the details here:


I'm looking for musicians to round out a non-profit album that's a compilation of remixes that people have made of my compositions, before posting it publically, I've recieved 10 submissions.

Posted by Daydream-Anatomy - December 7th, 2015

Geometry Dash users finding it hard to look up my music on youtube and being accused of stealing my own music led to me changing my username.  I'd rather be referred to as strat, or stratkat, but this should help the confusion my name on here has caused some people.


My main music project has been daydream anatomy for almost 5 years, stratkat's been my alias for 10 years (been signed up 10 years since last month to NG) and I like it, but yeah, I upload all my music here, and release it as daydream anatomy elsewhere, and I'm quite a bit more popular elsewhere, but I'd like to pull people who find my music to my other sites, such as bandcamp. I think it was beneficial to change it.